Feb. 04, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Lou Schmitt (R-Blair) joined fellow members of the House and Senators to listen to Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget proposal. In response to the governor’s $36.6 billion 2020-21 spending proposal, a $2.05 billion increase over the enacted current budget, Schmitt issued the following statement:

“The governor has never made it a secret that he wants to spend more. What he seems to miss is that if there is a spending increase, taxes would need to increase as well. It’s simple math.

“However, I am not prepared to increase taxes on hard-working residents of Blair County, or any Pennsylvanian for that matter. Though this is just my second budget as a state representative, I have learned quite quickly that we can hold the line on taxes and still provide core services to residents. In fact, House Republicans have increased PreK-12 education by $3.8 billion all while standing against tax increases.

“Since I took office, we were able to deposit $320 million into the Rainy Day Fund and we are projected to make another $300 million deposit again this year. What this shows is tax revenue actually does increase without raising taxes. Instead, we allowed the economy to grow naturally without large-scale government interference, including tax increases.

“Today marks the unofficial first day of the budget season. I look forward in the coming weeks to examining the governor’s proposal and working to formulating a budget that is responsible, protects taxpayers’ wallets and benefits all the people of the Commonwealth.”

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Representative Lou Schmitt
79th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
RepLouSchmitt.com / Facebook.com/RepSchmitt